Our Team & Who We Are

Our Team and Who We Are

The iGSM Team

The team at iGSM has trained, supported, and developed thousands of agents and agency owners in every aspect of the senior market space for over 30 years. 


Sean Graham

Sales and Marketing


Don Meyer

National Trainer

Cory Carlton

Training Specialist


Jeff Meyer

Director of Operations

Teal Selle

Commissions Manager

Vicki Beall

Leader, Client Success Team

Frankie Williams


Joelle Huynh


Bruce Carlton

Executive Director

Jennifer Earl

Compliance Officer

Who We Are

The iGSM mission is to empower agents and agencies to become successful in the senior insurance market through tailored personal engagement.  Built on the foundation of integrity, we endeavor to be the industry’s premier senior market IMO by providing outstanding quality, service, and value.